What is The Rosie Network

The American Dream Can Be A Real Solution

The Rosie Network believes that our men and women of the Armed Forces and their spouses, have earned the right to the American Dream of small business ownership. Our team is committed to their SUCCESS every step of the way – from concept to launch and beyond.

Why Entrepreneurship? Over 20% of our transitioning Veterans are choosing entrepreneurship over traditional employment, in part because many find the transition from battlefield to being behind a desk as challenging and small business ownership offers a new kind of mission! Just as importantly, our Military Spouses are in crisis – with an unemployment rate over 3x higher than the national average, our nation’s ‘Silent Warriors’ are being left behind. No Longer. Entrepreneurship is changing the landscape of Military Spouse employment! Close to 50% are choosing this portable career option and The Rosie Network is helping them launch and grow their small businesses every single day.

When The Rosie Network is successful, our Veterans and Military Families are stronger, retention is higher and the dependency on food stamps, unemployment or other government subsidies is greatly reduced. Bottom line? These are our country’s next generation of Small Business Owners & Social Leaders! With your help, we will continue to invest in the success of our Military Entrepreneurs, because their success is good for their families, our Country and it’s the right thing to do.

TRN : Our Misson!

The Rosie Network’s mission is strengthening military families through entrepreneurial programs and support services, empowering military spouses, transitioning service members and veteran entrepreneurs toward financial stability and self-sufficiency.

TRN : Our Vision!

We envision a world where…

  • All military spouses, transitioning service members, and veterans are empowered to realize the American Dream of small business ownership.
  • No military family needs to rely on food subsidies, unemployment benefits or other means of government support.
  • Members of the military community who choose to create and grow businesses reach their full potential as the nation's next generation of American business leaders.
  • American consumers and corporations think to Buy Military Family-Owned first through Rosie's List!

Who is a Rosie?

There is NO cost to joining TRN. Military family small business owners are given a complete business profile page - including a shopping cart, photo gallery, testimonials and more – by simply verifying military affiliation.

If you are serving OR have served in the Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Coast Guard, you are eligible to create a business profile page and take advantage of all services provided by TRN at no cost. If you are married to any of the above, you are also eligible! Remember, active-duty, non active-duty and retired service members and their spouses are welcome!

TRN is committed to the success of our nation’s military family-owned businesses in every stage of development. By providing American consumers and corporations a way to locate verified veteran and military spouse-owned businesses, TRN bridges the gap between the 70% of consumers preferring to Buy Veteran and your business! Our mission expands beyond just listing your business – we provide no cost networking, training, mentorship and more! The better question would be: ‘Why Wouldn’t I JOIN?’

TRN has accomplished!

Veteran/Military Spouse Members
Direct Financial Impact per Military Family
Overall Financial Impact for Member Businesses
No Cost Business Training/Support